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Treatment Associates, Inc.
"Psychiatry and Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counseling and Treatment"
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About Treatment Associates, Inc.
Treatment Associates, Inc. was started in 2004 by J.S. Stone, MD following the approval of the use of Buprenorphine for opioid dependence. The program was designed to fill a much needed gap in Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) for community outpatient treatment. There are currently two offices located in Montpelier and Morrisville Vermont.  

The program serves individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders in an outpatient setting, specifically opioid dependence. The program uses prescription Suboxone for opiate addiction and utilizes a five-tiered phase system to determine the level-of-care a person receives. 

Treatment begins with a daily commitment (3 groups and 2 individual services/week) for several weeks and gradually slows to weekly groups for the duration after approximately six weeks as long as the client remains in full-compliance. Compliance includes regular group attendance, urine analyses, and pill/film counts. When requested, clients can be slowly tapered off Buprenorphine on a voluntary basis.

Treatment Associates, Inc limits the acceptance of clients to individuals who reside within a 20 mile radius of the nearest office. There are two Doctors that prescribe Suboxone/Subutex at our offices. They are- James Stone, MD, and Stuart Williams, MD.

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Contact Information
If you would like furthur information on Treatment Associates Inc. and how we may be able to serve you, please contact the office nearest you.

Morrisville Office

P.O. Box 1099, 65 Portland St.
Morrisville, VT 05661
Phone: 802-888-0079
Fax: 802-888-0116
Montpelier Office

73 Main Street, Suite 27
Montpelier, VT 05602
Phone: 802-225-8355
Fax: 802-223-8105